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Steve Cardelle is the founding member of Cardelle Design Associates, LLC, which is a building design firm based in New London, CT. The focus of the firm’s business is primarily in Southeastern Connecticut; however, our experience, diverse client base and network of subconsultants allow us to provide superior services throughout the entire state. Over the years, Mr. Cardelle, has successfully completed a wide-range of projects from small residential to large commercial and industrial projects, for both private and public sectors. With over thirty years work experience, Cardelle Design Associates can ensure that each project receives the required knowledge and experience required for successful completion. When selecting a design firm, you look for a company with the proven skills necessary to complete your project in the quality you require, the efficiency necessary, the capability to deliver on time and to do so at competitive fees. Cardelle Design Associates is that firm. We pride ourselves on our customer service and being a firm you can depend on from the start of your project to the very end.

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